There are times when I want just a little something sweet cheap ecig, just a discrete bit, and these cream cheese cookies did just the trick. They are small, about 2 inches in size. They are light (both in color and texture), and are gently sweet. This is not a sturdy, overly decadent treat; these cookies almost melt in your mouth. But as Goldilocks said, I found these cookies to be “just right.”

The dough is almost like a sugar cookie dough, except it is enriched with cream cheese, giving the cookie some body and bite, and the sugar is confectioners’ sugar, or powdered sugar. This amendment makes the cookie soft and pillowy. By using confectioners’ sugar, rather than granulated sugar, the sugar doesn’t have the opportunity to caramelize thus getting crisp and golden brown.

CreamCheeseCookies1After a brief rest in the refrigerator, the cookies get rolled in sugar– granulated this time– giving them a  crackly finish. Before baking, it’s important to give the dough a press. These treats won’t spread when baked, so they need to be encouraged!

I incorporated a bit of chopped bittersweet chocolate. It paired so nicely with the tanginess of the cream cheese. This recipe is not abundant, making about 2 dozen cookies, but the dough will stay fresh in the refrigerator for a few days. I like to bake just a few off at a time. There is nothing like a fresh, warm-from-the-oven cookie to satisfy a sweet tooth DR REBORN, and these cookies did just that.